Everything you need to know about Thai herbs and spices

There are a variety of different Thai herbs and spices that will make your meal taste very good. Here are a few that I recommend. There are so many different types and flavors, you will be amazed.


Chilli or พริก in Thai, is by far one of the most popular spices in Thailand. Chilli is a pepper that is used to season dishes and give it a spicy flavor. The spiciness varies depending on how much Chilli you put in. If it is your first time having Chilli in a dish, be very careful about how much you put in (you don’t want to burn your tongue!) There are different colours of Chilli such as Red, green, orange and much more.

fb_img_1547346787492 (1)
Some Chillies from the hill tribe market


Ginger or ขิง in Thai, is a spice that has a very unique flavor and it is quite hard to describe. It tastes a tiny bit spicy but sweet at the same time. It also adds a twist to your food and makes it more interesting. You will usually have too cook it before putting it in a meal.

Image result for ginger
Here is some raw ginger


Lime or มะนาว in Thai, is another popular spice that makes your food sour, again depending on how much you put in. Lime is like lemon but it is very cheap to buy at local Thai markets. You can put lime in drinks and even fried rice! Lime can come in different shades of green like this:

img_0211 (1)

Lemon Grass

Lemon grass or ตะไคร้ in Thai, is a herb. It is very easy to grow in your garden and requires very little care. It tastes like a mix of lemon and mint. Some people also make lemon grass juice which has a flavor of its own.

Some Lemon Grass from our garden


Kaffir Lime 

Kaffir lime or มะกรูด in Thai, is a citrus fruit that grows on trees, it looks similar to a lime but has a more wavy skin (if that makes any sense).  It also smells very nice. Both the fruit and the leaves have benefits. You can make it into juice or just add it to your main dish to give a sour flavor. The zest of the fruit can also be put into curry paste.


Marsh Mint

Marsh mint or สะระแหน่ in Thai, is a very popular herb all around the world. The leaves are used in not just main dishes but also desserts and candies like ice-cream and jelly. Again this can be used to make juice, that has a refreshing minty flavor.

marsh mint

Here are just a few herbs and spices and there are so many more, so feel free to experiment with all the different types and see which one you like in your food and drinks!



2 Thai desserts with sticky rice


Sticky rice is a very famous food in all parts of Thailand, you will usually eat sticky rice with your main dish. There are a variety of things you can do with sticky rice. Here are my two favourites.

Mango sticky rice (Khao Neeo Mamuang/ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง)

Mango sticky rice is a dessert that you can find at many Thai markets. It is simply just coconut milk flavoured sticky rice with cut mango on the top. It tastes sweet and sour at the same time. It is very unique and popular, so make sure to try it when you are in Chiang Mai or other parts of Thailand.

Although it is easier to buy this at markets, if you want to try to make it at home it is also very easy.

First you will take a saucepan and combine rice and water. Cook until it boils. Simmer until the water is absorbed this will take about 15 to 20 minutes.

Mix 1 1/2 cups of coconut milk, 1 cup of sugar and 1/2 a teaspoon of salt in a saucepan. wait until boiled. Stir in the cooked rice coconut milk mixture. Make sure it gets about an hour of cooling time. (You should go this while your rice is cooking so it will go faster).

Make a sauce by mixing some coconut milk, a bit of sugar and a bit of salt together in a saucepan. Then add some tapioca starch (which can be found at Rimping) and bring it to boil.

Lastly put your sweet sticky rice on a dish and pour you sauce-like mixture on top. Then add some peeled and chopped mangoes. Now you are done. If you want more detailed measurement and amounts visit a food website called “allrecipes”

img_20190112_205048 (1)
Here is a photo that my mum took of Mango sticky rice!


Khao Lam (ข้าวหลาม)

Khao Lam is also know as Kralan. It is a basically sticky rice in a bamboo tube with different fillings such as red beans, coconut milk. Or some people have it with no fillings at all. All these different variations are very yummy and I recommend you to try all of them (unless you are allergic to one of these ingredients of course). You will find this at local markets. But again, if you want to make it at home it is also very easy.

I will talk you through how to make it in my own words, so it might be a slight bit confusing.

So first you will take some uncooked white rice and water. Then put it in a bamboo tube with the right lengths. And cook it until it is warm this will usually take about 30 minutes. If you would like to add one of the fillings then just mix it into the rice and water mixture before you put it in the bamboo tube. That’s about it, you just got yourself a traditional warm Thai dessert for a cold day.

img_20190112_205107 (1)
Here is Khao Lam with red beans in it!
img_20190112_205125 (1)
Here are some people cooking Khao Lam!

I hope you will try one or both of these desserts! Thank you so much for reading right to the end of this blog.

Jing Jai Market (JJ Maket) Chiang Mai

Jing Jai Market is a market that sells natural organic stuff. They also have a no-plastic bag policy. So you need to bring your own bag when you go there. They have lots of little stands that sells anything from food to clothes.


Here is the location

 Attractions/ what they sell

This is a very interesting and Unique market because they have lots of healthy, organic stuff. Most of the stuff they sell is sustainable and recyclable. If you wanted to buy a present for somebody, this market has loads of awesome gifts. They have good quality clothing and toys for children as well.  The shop owners are very friendly to their costumers as well.


If you go you have to bring some sort of reusable bag, like a cloth one, but if you forgot they also sell some cloth bags so you can purchase one and use it every time you come!


This market is not always open. It is only open on Saturdays and Sundays only.

No plastic bags! Save our planet!






MonCham (ม่อนแจ่ม) is a view point high in the mountains. It has a beautiful view. Continue reading if you are interested in going there.


Moncham is in the mountains. It is a about 1 hour and 20 minute drive from Chiang Mai town.

Image result for moncham map
The red point is where Moncham is


 The main attraction is the beautiful view. There is a little coffee shop that is in Moncham. If you are lucky you might be able to see the sun flowers that they grow there, but they do not always have them, it is only during some seasons. As you are driving up you can also stop at the little grape farm. There is also so a row of shops that you can go to and buy souvenirs.

The grape farm.


There is no entrance fee, but you have to pay for the food and drinks that you buy. But if you want to visit the grape farm it will cost you 20 baht.


Overall I think that if you have a chance to go then go! It is great fun to see the amazing view and also fun to stay overnight!


Ramayana Water Park Pattaya

I went to Ramayana Water Park during the holidays. I had lots of fun and today I am going to tell you more information about it, if you are planning to go. This is my 4th time going!


Adults or kids (above 122cm): 1190 baht

Kids (91-121cm): 890 baht


Senior citizens (from 60 y.o.), pregnant women and disabled: 590 baht

They have lots of promotions there, you will get a promotion if you book online in advance.

If you live in Thailand like me you can get an even cheaper price! click here

Adults or kids (above 122cm): 990 baht
Kids (91-121cm): 790 baht
I am 140cm so I count as a adult but this also means i can go on ALL the slides.

Opening and closing times

10:00 to 18:00 everyday.


There are lots of rides for children and adults. There is a special area for small children with small slides. However you have to be above 122cm to go on the bigger rides. My favourite ride is the boomerango ride. Because there is a surprise at the end, a drop. Then you go up a steep slope.

The Boomerango ride!



Their are lots of types of food such as Thai and Western foods. There are some small stools that you have to use a wristband instead of real money. You can top up your wristband with money at the main gate or in the big food court. They also have snacks and desserts such as ice-cream, pop-corn, pancakes, crepes and more sweet stuff.  They also have Thai food starting at 60 baht!

This was my lunch and it was really yummy!


Ramayana is a really safe place, they have friendly guards. When you on a ride there is always a guard there to help you get on.

I took a picture with 2 of the guards!

If you are not confident about swimming you can grab a free life jacket and wear it all day.

Jacket rack (the have several of these all around the park.

Main attractions

Image result for ramayana waterpark
This is the kids area.
Image result for ramayana waterpark lazy river
This is the lazy river.
Screen Shot 2560-10-23 at 8.39.58 PM
This is the wave pool.

These are all the adult rides:

Screen Shot 2560-10-23 at 8.46.04 PM
My favourite ride!
Screen Shot 2560-10-23 at 8.56.50 PM.png
This is the scariest slide in the whole park!
Screen Shot 2560-10-24 at 8.56.34 PM
These are the biggest rides.
Screen Shot 2560-10-23 at 8.55.35 PM.png
This is the relax pool.

Fun facts about Ramayana water park!

  • Ramayana water park is voted number one water park in Thailand on trip adviser.
  • Quote from Ramayana water park website: Ramayana is so much more than just exciting water rides. We have packed our extensive grounds with a vast array of activities – both on and off water – that will guarantee all-day entertainment. Add in our varied refreshment and dining facilities, and you will want for nothing.
  • Ramayana water park opened on May 5th 2016.
  • It takes 1.5 hours to drive from Bangkok to Ramayana water park.
  • It takes 30 minutes to drive from Pattaya to Ramayana water park.


Overall I absolutely loved the water park (it is my favourite water park). I think it is good for adults and kids. Hopefully you will get to go there too!

Thai dessert

Since I live in Thailand I know a few unique Thai desserts. So today I am going to share with you a Thai dessert that you probably never seen before.


This Thai dessert is wrapped in banana leaves.


When you open the banana leaves, you will find yourself with a gooey, stretchy and soft  outside made out of rice flour. When you bite into it you will see little pieces of shredded coconuts and palm sugar.

What does it taste like

It tastes like dough on the outside. And on the inside it tastes like sweet sugar with coconuts.

How to make it

First fry the palm sugar and shredded coconut in a pan until it is crispy and smells really good. Then put it to the side. After that mix the rice flour with the glutinous flour. Then add water to it until it is sticky and doughy. Then wrap the palm sugar and shredded coconut mix in the doughy mix. Then Wrap that in the banana leaves and steam it for about 30 minutes until it is hot. Finally you can eat it!

If you understand Thai and you want the exact measurements click here!


Overall I think it is a very yummy dessert. It is very unique and interesting to bite into. It is a very small dessert perfect when you don’t want to eat to much!



I love Slime. And today I am going to be writing a short blog on everything that’s got to do with the oozy, gooey Slime! Go to Etsy if you want to buy some slime!

Different types of slime

There are lots of types of slime here are a few:

-Butter Slime

-Clear Slime

-Fluffy Slime

-Fishbowl Slime

-Glossy Slime

-Floam Slime

-Glow-in-the-dark Slime

-Glitter slime etc…..

What you need to make Slime

It is very simple to make slime it requires very few ingredients. But is depends what kind of Slime you are making. For e.g. if you are making fluffy slime you will also need shaving cream. Or if you are making fishbowl slime you will need beads.


-activator (borax, liquid starch, eye drops, contact solution etc……)

-food colouring, glitter, foam beads, beads, shaving cream etc…….. (optional)

Here is a video!


This video is from a channel called ‘Crystals Journey’ please go check her out!


Slime is a very fun toy to poke, squelch and squeeze! I know this is very short but I still hope you like it!

Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya

I went on holiday to Pattaya and I went to this very colourful place called the Teddy Bear Museum!


I wish i had that dress!


The Teddy Bear Museum is a wonderful museum of teddy bears. They have big gigantic bears (not real bears) with different backdrops. These backdrops make you feel like you are in that place. They have Rain forest backdrops (so much more!) with Teddy bears to complete the scene. It is the perfect place to take a perfect picture for all the picture-taking lovers! (that was a mouthful)

oh hi!


Where is it?

436/49 หมู่ 9 ถนน เลียบ ชายหาด ตำบล หนอง ปรือ อำเภอ บางละมุง จังหวัด ชลบุรี 20150, Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20150

Here is what the entrance looks like


For children under 90cm it is for free. For children from 90cm to 130cm you will have to pay the children’s price. If you are over 130cm (like me) you will have to pay adults price. To know the actual prices go to Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya

NO!! I don’t have children’s price

Other information

When you finish seeing everything in the museum, at the end there will be a gift shop where you can buy some cute and rare teddy bears to take home with you! Also at the end there will be a little teddy bear coffee shop to sit and chill after your little teddy adventure.


Overall I think its a wonderful place to take n awesome pictures. They truly did an awesome job on the setup. It is very colourful and it makes you really happy!

There is daddy taking a selfie with one of the bears


Oh no!


Hope you like this blog!


King of the Thai fruits


Is the king of Thai fruits.


Durian has a spiked shell. In the inside it will look creamy and yellow it smells bad if you have never smelt it before. But if you keep eating it the smell will become familiar to you. It has a weird sweet smelly taste. But its texture is creamy and soft.



Durian 2
This is what it looks like on the inside
May and I eating Durian on the car trunk!

Daddy made us eat the durian outside because he says it will be too stinky if we eat it inside.

I first thought that if Durian smelt bad then it would taste bad too. But then when I tried it i thought it tastes really good if you don’t eat to much.


5 easy ways to help our environment

At school we have been learning how to live sustainably and it got my family thinking that maybe we can all take action by doing simple things everyday to help our planet.

So these are the things we have been doing…………..

1. Recycling our recyclables

We recycle plastic bottles, paper, cardboard and metal 


Look! One week we filled it up.

Before we ave been throwing all our rubbish in the same bin. But now we are separating our rubbish into recyclables and non recyclables. Our cleaner takes away the recyclables to sell and she is happy because she gets some money from it.

2. Say no to plastic bags in seven eleven (and everywhere)


Did you know that plastic bags never biodegrade it is just broken up into smaller pieces but it is always there! In seven eleven we have been saying no to plastic bags because they are the worst! We have either been carrying they stuff in our hands or taking a reusable bag.

3. Brining our own bags to the Supermarkets

Me at Rimping using a reusable bag! 

Again we are saying no to the supermarket bags and taking our own. this help the environment.


4. Using rechargeable batteries


Batteries have harmful chemicals and if you throw them in the bin then it will go to the landfill. When they are in the ground the batteries can leak their chemicals. So we have bought rechargeable batteries and battery charger! Also using rechargeable batteries is cheaper too! Don’t be lazy go buy a battery charger from Ikea.

5. Using reusable coffee cups for take-away coffee

Here is my handsome dad holding his reusable coffee cup!

Coffee cup also don’t biodegrade so my dad has been using reusable coffee cups. Did you know that if you bring a reusable coffee cup to Starbucks you will get ten baht discount!!

 Picking up litter discarded by others


When we go to the beach we aim to pick up ten pieces of rubbish that other people have discarded. We will be doing this on our next holiday to the beach.

Little things can make a big difference. So take action and take it now!