All about coffee Pai

Today I went to All About Coffee Pai but it is in Chiang Mai.

Where is it?

It is about 10km away from Chiang Mai town. It is pretty close to Chaing Mai airport.

I couldn’t find one in English


They display cute little toys. And it has a very simple and cute look when you walk in.

These toys are so cute!

They have a very creative table layout and they have very unique desserts and food.

To yummy to even describe

Other things about the coffee shop

It is a little bit hard to find because the sign is pretty small but if you look t the map very carefully then you will probably find it.

They have billions of places to take pictures (my mum loves taking picture) and they have a good view. It is not really big and does not have a play ground so it will be a better place for children if they had a bigger place.

Over all

Over all I think that this coffee is great for photos but not really for playing.

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