Thai arts

I went to this Thai arts place. They taught me how paper umbrellas are made it was very interesting and I will share it with you today!

First they start by taking the wood from the SA-tree and soaking it in water for a while.After that they squash it with a hammer for about one our.


Then they will soak it in water again to make the pulp. When that is finished they would stir it in a big tub place. And then the will put it on a big tray and leave it in the sun cool for an hour. Then they will peal it off.

Very thin!

After they pealed the paper they will put it on the umbrella stick then their finished! They also make paper fans.

so pretty

I also got to paint my own!!!!

Here I am trying to paint on ‘pinkysplaces’

Here is some important information.

Where is it?

It is in Chiang Mai town.


You get to see how paper umbrellas are made and you get to paint your own. Also you can buy them.


Overall I think this place is good if you want to customize your own umbrella, it is very fun and enjoyable.

Thai arts map

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