5 easy ways to help our environment

At school we have been learning how to live sustainably and it got my family thinking that maybe we can all take action by doing simple things everyday to help our planet.

So these are the things we have been doing…………..

1. Recycling our recyclables

We recycle plastic bottles, paper, cardboard and metal 


Look! One week we filled it up.

Before we ave been throwing all our rubbish in the same bin. But now we are separating our rubbish into recyclables and non recyclables. Our cleaner takes away the recyclables to sell and she is happy because she gets some money from it.

2. Say no to plastic bags in seven eleven (and everywhere)


Did you know that plastic bags never biodegrade it is just broken up into smaller pieces but it is always there! In seven eleven we have been saying no to plastic bags because they are the worst! We have either been carrying they stuff in our hands or taking a reusable bag.

3. Brining our own bags to the Supermarkets

Me at Rimping using a reusable bag! 

Again we are saying no to the supermarket bags and taking our own. this help the environment.


4. Using rechargeable batteries


Batteries have harmful chemicals and if you throw them in the bin then it will go to the landfill. When they are in the ground the batteries can leak their chemicals. So we have bought rechargeable batteries and battery charger! Also using rechargeable batteries is cheaper too! Don’t be lazy go buy a battery charger from Ikea.

5. Using reusable coffee cups for take-away coffee

Here is my handsome dad holding his reusable coffee cup!

Coffee cup also don’t biodegrade so my dad has been using reusable coffee cups. Did you know that if you bring a reusable coffee cup to Starbucks you will get ten baht discount!!

 Picking up litter discarded by others


When we go to the beach we aim to pick up ten pieces of rubbish that other people have discarded. We will be doing this on our next holiday to the beach.

Little things can make a big difference. So take action and take it now!

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