King of the Thai fruits


Is the king of Thai fruits.


Durian has a spiked shell. In the inside it will look creamy and yellow it smells bad if you have never smelt it before. But if you keep eating it the smell will become familiar to you. It has a weird sweet smelly taste. But its texture is creamy and soft.



Durian 2
This is what it looks like on the inside
May and I eating Durian on the car trunk!

Daddy made us eat the durian outside because he says it will be too stinky if we eat it inside.

I first thought that if Durian smelt bad then it would taste bad too. But then when I tried it i thought it tastes really good if you don’t eat to much.


2 thoughts on “King of the Thai fruits

  1. ahhhhh, durian! I absolutely love eating it! The smell doesn’t bother me at all though, but some people can’t stand it. I heard that it is even sometimes called Stinky Fruit. It WILL stink up the whole house though. XD


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