I love Slime. And today I am going to be writing a short blog on everything that’s got to do with the oozy, gooey Slime! Go to Etsy if you want to buy some slime!

Different types of slime

There are lots of types of slime here are a few:

-Butter Slime

-Clear Slime

-Fluffy Slime

-Fishbowl Slime

-Glossy Slime

-Floam Slime

-Glow-in-the-dark Slime

-Glitter slime etc…..

What you need to make Slime

It is very simple to make slime it requires very few ingredients. But is depends what kind of Slime you are making. For e.g. if you are making fluffy slime you will also need shaving cream. Or if you are making fishbowl slime you will need beads.


-activator (borax, liquid starch, eye drops, contact solution etc……)

-food colouring, glitter, foam beads, beads, shaving cream etc…….. (optional)

Here is a video!


This video is from a channel called ‘Crystals Journey’ please go check her out!


Slime is a very fun toy to poke, squelch and squeeze! I know this is very short but I still hope you like it!

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