Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya

I went on holiday to Pattaya and I went to this very colourful place called the Teddy Bear Museum!


I wish i had that dress!


The Teddy Bear Museum is a wonderful museum of teddy bears. They have big gigantic bears (not real bears) with different backdrops. These backdrops make you feel like you are in that place. They have Rain forest backdrops (so much more!) with Teddy bears to complete the scene. It is the perfect place to take a perfect picture for all the picture-taking lovers! (that was a mouthful)

oh hi!


Where is it?

436/49 หมู่ 9 ถนน เลียบ ชายหาด ตำบล หนอง ปรือ อำเภอ บางละมุง จังหวัด ชลบุรี 20150, Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20150

Here is what the entrance looks like


For children under 90cm it is for free. For children from 90cm to 130cm you will have to pay the children’s price. If you are over 130cm (like me) you will have to pay adults price. To know the actual prices go to Teddy Bear Museum Pattaya

NO!! I don’t have children’s price

Other information

When you finish seeing everything in the museum, at the end there will be a gift shop where you can buy some cute and rare teddy bears to take home with you! Also at the end there will be a little teddy bear coffee shop to sit and chill after your little teddy adventure.


Overall I think its a wonderful place to take n awesome pictures. They truly did an awesome job on the setup. It is very colourful and it makes you really happy!

There is daddy taking a selfie with one of the bears


Oh no!


Hope you like this blog!


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