Thai dessert

Since I live in Thailand I know a few unique Thai desserts. So today I am going to share with you a Thai dessert that you probably never seen before.


This Thai dessert is wrapped in banana leaves.


When you open the banana leaves, you will find yourself with a gooey, stretchy and soft  outside made out of rice flour. When you bite into it you will see little pieces of shredded coconuts and palm sugar.

What does it taste like

It tastes like dough on the outside. And on the inside it tastes like sweet sugar with coconuts.

How to make it

First fry the palm sugar and shredded coconut in a pan until it is crispy and smells really good. Then put it to the side. After that mix the rice flour with the glutinous flour. Then add water to it until it is sticky and doughy. Then wrap the palm sugar and shredded coconut mix in the doughy mix. Then Wrap that in the banana leaves and steam it for about 30 minutes until it is hot. Finally you can eat it!

If you understand Thai and you want the exact measurements click here!


Overall I think it is a very yummy dessert. It is very unique and interesting to bite into. It is a very small dessert perfect when you don’t want to eat to much!


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