Jing Jai Market (JJ Maket) Chiang Mai

Jing Jai Market is a market that sells natural organic stuff. They also have a no-plastic bag policy. So you need to bring your own bag when you go there. They have lots of little stands that sells anything from food to clothes.


Here is the location

 Attractions/ what they sell

This is a very interesting and Unique market because they have lots of healthy, organic stuff. Most of the stuff they sell is sustainable and recyclable. If you wanted to buy a present for somebody, this market has loads of awesome gifts. They have good quality clothing and toys for children as well.  The shop owners are very friendly to their costumers as well.


If you go you have to bring some sort of reusable bag, like a cloth one, but if you forgot they also sell some cloth bags so you can purchase one and use it every time you come!


This market is not always open. It is only open on Saturdays and Sundays only.

No plastic bags! Save our planet!





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