Everything you need to know about Thai herbs and spices

There are a variety of different Thai herbs and spices that will make your meal taste very good. Here are a few that I recommend. There are so many different types and flavors, you will be amazed.


Chilli or พริก in Thai, is by far one of the most popular spices in Thailand. Chilli is a pepper that is used to season dishes and give it a spicy flavor. The spiciness varies depending on how much Chilli you put in. If it is your first time having Chilli in a dish, be very careful about how much you put in (you don’t want to burn your tongue!) There are different colours of Chilli such as Red, green, orange and much more.

fb_img_1547346787492 (1)
Some Chillies from the hill tribe market


Ginger or ขิง in Thai, is a spice that has a very unique flavor and it is quite hard to describe. It tastes a tiny bit spicy but sweet at the same time. It also adds a twist to your food and makes it more interesting. You will usually have too cook it before putting it in a meal.

Image result for ginger
Here is some raw ginger


Lime or มะนาว in Thai, is another popular spice that makes your food sour, again depending on how much you put in. Lime is like lemon but it is very cheap to buy at local Thai markets. You can put lime in drinks and even fried rice! Lime can come in different shades of green like this:

img_0211 (1)

Lemon Grass

Lemon grass or ตะไคร้ in Thai, is a herb. It is very easy to grow in your garden and requires very little care. It tastes like a mix of lemon and mint. Some people also make lemon grass juice which has a flavor of its own.

Some Lemon Grass from our garden


Kaffir Lime 

Kaffir lime or มะกรูด in Thai, is a citrus fruit that grows on trees, it looks similar to a lime but has a more wavy skin (if that makes any sense).  It also smells very nice. Both the fruit and the leaves have benefits. You can make it into juice or just add it to your main dish to give a sour flavor. The zest of the fruit can also be put into curry paste.


Marsh Mint

Marsh mint or สะระแหน่ in Thai, is a very popular herb all around the world. The leaves are used in not just main dishes but also desserts and candies like ice-cream and jelly. Again this can be used to make juice, that has a refreshing minty flavor.

marsh mint

Here are just a few herbs and spices and there are so many more, so feel free to experiment with all the different types and see which one you like in your food and drinks!



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