Thai arts

I went to this Thai arts place. They taught me how paper umbrellas are made it was very interesting and I will share it with you today!

First they start by taking the wood from the SA-tree and soaking it in water for a while.After that they squash it with a hammer for about one our.


Then they will soak it in water again to make the pulp. When that is finished they would stir it in a big tub place. And then the will put it on a big tray and leave it in the sun cool for an hour. Then they will peal it off.

Very thin!

After they pealed the paper they will put it on the umbrella stick then their finished! They also make paper fans.

so pretty

I also got to paint my own!!!!

Here I am trying to paint on ‘pinkysplaces’

Here is some important information.

Where is it?

It is in Chiang Mai town.


You get to see how paper umbrellas are made and you get to paint your own. Also you can buy them.


Overall I think this place is good if you want to customize your own umbrella, it is very fun and enjoyable.

Thai arts map

All about coffee Pai

Today I went to All About Coffee Pai but it is in Chiang Mai.

Where is it?

It is about 10km away from Chiang Mai town. It is pretty close to Chaing Mai airport.

I couldn’t find one in English


They display cute little toys. And it has a very simple and cute look when you walk in.

These toys are so cute!

They have a very creative table layout and they have very unique desserts and food.

To yummy to even describe

Other things about the coffee shop

It is a little bit hard to find because the sign is pretty small but if you look t the map very carefully then you will probably find it.

They have billions of places to take pictures (my mum loves taking picture) and they have a good view. It is not really big and does not have a play ground so it will be a better place for children if they had a bigger place.

Over all

Over all I think that this coffee is great for photos but not really for playing.

My hamsters

Check out Hamster Diaries for more information about hamsters!

My hamsters

I have three hamsters called Sugar,Pepper and Latte they are all so cute. My hamsters are all winter white Russian dwarf hamsters.

Why I like hamsters

I like hamsters because they are fairly easy to look after and since they are nocturnal¬† I can see them when i get home from school. They don’t need to many things and don’t need to go to the vet unless they are ill or hurt.



Here is Pepper in her tube


How about you?

Answer all these questions

Will you have time?

Will you have the space?

Will you have the money if your hamster gets sick?

Will you have the love that a hamster needs?

Will your parents let you?

Do you have local pet shops that sell hamster supplies?

where will you be in 1 to 2 years? If you will be going to university in a few years for example you will not have enough time for your hamster.

If you answer all these questions with a ‘yes’ I think that you will be a great hamster owner.

Grand Canyon Water Park

I went to Grand Canyon Water Park for my birthday. It has lots and lots of entertainment for all ages.

Entrance fee

For children under 90cm it is free. For people over 90cm they will charge you 300 Thai baht for the whole day.


At Grand Canyon Water Park there is the main bit if the Water Park which is very big and fun. there is a small place for the younger children. They even have zip lines which swing from one side to the other of the Water Park. From the Zip line you will see the whole view of Grand Canyon Water Park.

Image result for Grand Canyon water park
Here is a picture of Grand Canyon Water Park!


You are not aloud to bring food into Grand Canyon Water Park. But you can buy tasty food and drinks for a good price.

Related image

I really enjoyed it so i think that other ten year old like me will enjoy it too!

Wat Doi Kham


Thai people believe that if you go to this temple and make a wish, it will come true. They have a lovely view point and since it is on a temple in the mountains you could either take the car or walk up the steps. If you want to buy cheap flowers to offer to the Buddha. You can buy them on the side of the road on the way their.

At the entrance you can see this giant Buddha.

Where is Wat Doi Kham

It is about 7km away from the city center. It’s behind Royal Flora Rachaphruk.

This is the staircase if you want to walk up – The never ending stairs


This is May making her wish and giving her flowers.

Wat Doi Kham entrance fee

There is no entrance fee to get into Wat Doi Kham. So it is free.


Here is the view from Wat Doi Kham

About me!

My name is Pinky and I am 12 years old.

Where I live

I live in Chiang Mai which is located in the north of Thailand. I was born here and I have been living here for my whole life.

Chiang Mai viewed from Doi Suthep.

My School

I go to Lanna International School Thailand and I am currently in secondary. In my class, there are people from all over the world. We are taught English and a bit of Thai. I have been at Lanna for my whole school life.

My Blog

I am writing this blog to share the interesting places in Chiang Mai and Thailand.

My hobbies and interests

I enjoy yoga, Thai boxing and inline skating as my main three hobbies.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter has been a big part of my life. I LOVE Harry Potter and I love the wonderful world that J.K. Rowling has created. If you haven’t read Harry Potter you should.

Harry James Potter
Harry Potter
This is Latte the winter white Russian dwarf hamster.